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If you are an old Amiga user who have installed WinUAE or other Amiga emulator then this plugin is for you. When I buy my *first* Amiga 500 many-many years ago, I stated to collect programs, utilities (games?) for developing. My own developed code are archived on floppy disk. After this lovely years moved on PC but sometimes I need some previously developed routines from my old archives. To speedup searching and the better overview those archives are moved to CDs. But there was no simple and easy way to access them directly in ADF (or DMS, etc.) from my favorite file manager Total (Windows) Commander. I found on the net a shell extension, but I don't like Windows explorer(tm) :-0. After a while to wait someone to release this kind of plugin, I stated this project. After some of previous releaseses the new release V2.00 and above have a capability to create/modify ADF file not only extract. At this point I must say thanks for many Amiga funs over the world, for suggestions and bugreporting to make this plugin much , much better, and for Christian Ghisler for Total commander the *only* file manager. With this plugin you can handle DMS, ADZ, HDF, DMP file types too. If you are looking for the plugin like this on Linux OS ( or other posix like OSes ) then look at my ADFFS

Developed and tested on Windows XP with Visual C 6 & Total Commander 5.51-6.53

With this useful tools:
ADFlib (C) 1997-1998 by Laurent Clevy & Dan Sutherland

Zlib by Jean-loup Gailly & Mark Adler

xDMS by Andre Rodrigues de la Rocha

Known bugs:

Bug? in "delete from adf file": If user quick deletes files from adf archive (one-by-one) the plugin (or Total Commander?) don't refresh file list, which cause some failure on reading file from archive (but only last one!), anyway the name of the file should be removed. You can ignore this or you can fix problem by quiting from total commander and running again, after this operation the deleted file is really gone! You can eliminate this "bug" by dirty hack - selecting checkbox in options dialog. The hack will go into sleep for some short time period after deleting to allow system to wake up and refresh (reread?) file list ;-)

File download:

Here is the 64bit version of the AmigaDX plugin!

Recently recompiled some of my old projects to the new win64 platform and because I already had installed Windows 7 (64bit) and mingw64 in my VirtualBox. I was thinking it is the right time to recompile my old TC plugins too. Thankfully to some folks who fixed the adflib for the 64 bit platform. Compiling the code went surprisingly well. Only small changes were needed. The result is here.

Note: This is the first 64 bit release and not fully tested. If you found a bug let me know. But I can't promise it will be fixed in a short time.

I also put to download the source code too. I used mingw64 to compile the code. So the source code is adopted for the environment. For makefile generator I use premake. With that tool it is possible to make Visual Studio solution file too. But I did not tested.

Some of you may wondering what is the easiest way to install this plugin? Well, TC's auto install feature were supported by the plugin quite a long time by now. So here it is how to do it:
Download zipped file, but don't unpack it! Instead double click on downloaded file within TC. Then you will be prompted to accept plugin installation. Click on 'Yes' and you are done.

File download:

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Submited by shaf on February 01, 2012. Reply to this

Can the plugin be rewritten to work with TC 8.0 specifically the 64 bit version?

Submited by Peter on February 17, 2012. Reply to this

Sorry but I abandoned Windows OS long time ago. I don't even have a 64bit version of development tools for Windows. But here is the source code and maybe someone will make it to work with 64bit TC.

Submited by Chris on March 07, 2012. Reply to this

Hi, Thank you for your work on this program. Where do I place the plugins in total commander. Also will this do a full DVD size OS of my Amiga as it had PCI and USB on it and I would like to run it on my galaxyS II. Thanks in Advance and have a nice day. Chuxxsss

Submited by Charlene on March 10, 2012. Reply to this

Hi Chris, ... Place all 3 files inside the .zip archive, into the TotalCommander\Plugins directory. ... Inside the plugins directory, you will have/make a directory called AmigaDX, and all 3 files will go in there. ... You may need to edit the pluginst.inf file to show the correct path. Default path inside the .inf file says defaultdir=Plugins\WCX\AmigaDX but... with my system, I do not have a WCX directory, so used notepad, to edit that line to read: defaultdir=Plugins\AmigaDX Hope that helps a bit, and makes sense. Charlene of Virus Help Team Canada

Submited by Shaf on June 05, 2012. Reply to this

Thanks I was going to attempt to re-write the plugin myself. I noticed it's on the Total Commander Plugin Page also.

Submited by haynor on June 29, 2012. Reply to this

Thanks for update. It was very needed :D

Submited by László Horváth on December 18, 2012. Reply to this

my favourite Total Commander Plugin, so big thanks for update !

Submited by MrX on December 31, 2012. Reply to this

Hi, i have a lot of Amiga ADF images, but most of them don't open with your plugin. I just get "Error in packed file" message, but they work good with WinUAE. Maybe because of most of them are [cracked] and have trainers, i don't know, I have downloaded them from many sites. I never had real Amiga, it was not possible in the Soviet Union, all I had was ugly hand-made clone of ZXSpectrum :(

Submited by Site Owner on February 04, 2013. Reply to this

"Error in packed file" means that the disk image is not a real Amiga DOS image instead it is a Non-DOS disk image. Non-DOS disk image does not have directory structure therefore it can't be handled by the plugin. Non-DOS disks are uses direct access to the disk sectors and mostly used by games and demos.

Submited by Paul on June 14, 2015. Reply to this

Hi Chris! I just downloaded it in order to manage amiga files. I have created a Plugins folder inside Total Commander and another sub folder AmigaDX. I put the three files in there and pluginst.inf file in the pluginst.inf. I have changed defaultdir=Plugins\\\\WCX\\\\AmigaDX to defaultdir=Plugins\\\\AmigaDX But I can´t open my ADF files Please held

Submited by Marty on September 26, 2015. Reply to this

Hello, I have a Problem with this Plugin (64Bit) and HDF Images (A500 WB1.3 size 1024M) and (A1200 WB3.1 size 2000M) The Images can be Opened but if i write or Read from the Images TC Crashed? any solution

Submited by Misha on February 21, 2017. Reply to this

thank you so much for Amiga plugin. You made my life so easy ! May the force be with you mate. Misha Zurich Switzerland

Submited by Robert on November 04, 2018. Reply to this

I have been packing up some disk images of the Amiga OS 3.1.4 beta, and they contain some \\\'international characters\\\' under International FFS type now. The Franτais and Espa±ol alternate characters are supported in FFS, but the AmigaDX plugin has problems with it. Just reporting the issue. Otherwise works reasonably well, but I do trip over the delete/refresh issue on occasion.

Submited by Wilfried on August 03, 2019. Reply to this

Moin leider klappt die Installation nicht mehr unter Windows 10 nicht ( Die clintkonfiguration ist ungültig) :( :(

Submited by Grzegorz Biernacki on January 27, 2020. Reply to this

Hello, I couldn\'t find this information anywhere - how do I create an empty ADF with the AmigaDX plugin? I wanted to copy data from DMS to ADF and thought that you need to have an empty ADF and just copy the data between the DMS and ADF folder. Thank you for your help. Regards, G.B.

Submited by Kane on May 24, 2020. Reply to this

You can create one from WinUAE, press F12 and look for create blank floppy. Or you can download any ADF and delete all files in it.

Submited by QGWSOOFJWH4NBBGWXF on April 09, 2021. Reply to this

QGWSOOFJWH4NBBGWXF I have a small question for you