July 23 2012

New dedicated Gedit3 plugins page were added

I added new dedicated page for Gedit plugins which I fixed for Gedit3. You can read more here
June 04 2012

Gedit3 compatible cppdoc plugin is here

Finally converted cppdoc plugin for Gedit3. You can download it from here
June 03 2012

AmigaDX and Powepacker unpacker plugins goes 64bit!

Good news for all of you who requested the 64bit version of the AmigaDX plugin. A while ago I recompiled some of my old projects to the win64 platform so I took this old plugins and recompiled too. You can read more here and here.
October 31 2011

New Gedit3 plugin

I finally decided to install ubuntu 11.10 on my desktop computer, but my old phpdoc plugin doesn't work with the new Gedit3 so I quickly hacked a new version. Read more here
September 23 2011

HTML5 game added

HTML5 begin to be more and more popular. For the result of my experiment click here

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